Started in 2016, Megathon is Hyderabad's largest student-run Hackathon. Organised by E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad with the intention of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and development among the student community in and around the city, it has gotten bigger and more successful over the years; drawing 450 participants in its first year, and upwards of 600 in its second. It didn't stop there. In the 3rd edition we introduced an online event, taking the hackathon nationwide. The 2018 edition of Megathon had over 1000 participants from colleges all across the country.

megathon_2019 megathon _2019

Megathon returns in 2019, and it's better than ever. Following the success of the online event last year, in this year's iteration of HOWZHACK we've introduced multiple problem statements for you to hack away at. Along with the 24 hour Onsite Hackathon on IIIT Campus grounds, this provides to participants multiple opportunities at winning desirable goodies.

Results Results

Embibe: 1.ThinkAgain 2.sass 3.hash 4.Yee 5.Do-Little

Qualcomm 1. VictoryShadows 2. MuttonBiryani 3.StormBreaker 4.ReddyCarry 5.CtrlAltElite

PwC 1. .kaba 2.Catapult 3.BT_MAX 4.AKGS 5.CtrlAltFlush

Micron 1. neendAARahiHai 2.void 3.NotaGAN 4.CamelBiryani 5.HandsomeBoys


Megathon Online is back and it is bigger and better than ever. E-Cell IIIT-Hyderabad is proud to announce HOWZHACK, the second edition of the Online event presented by Megathon. With the intent being the same: to bring Megathon to your home no matter where you live, HOWZHACK brings you the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and to put your problem solving skills to test. HOWZHACK brings you three challenges, brought to you by our Partners. Bring us the best solutions and win amazing prizes. So put on your thinking caps, get your squad and register yourselves.

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